Living and Working in the Top End

Working in the top end of Australia

The main population hubs of Australia lie to the East and South east of the Continent. The Top End of Australia contains a range of living options. The commonality is the wonderful weather that you will experience from warm temperate climates to tropical climates. If you enjoy balancing your work life with active outdoor pursuits, then the Northern regions of Australia will be ideal. The differences in lifestyle across Northern Australia is the choice between city, town and remote living. The resources below will allow you to understand the types of work and lifestyle experiences available in these areas. We encourage you to gain an understanding of an area before embarking on your work or life experience. The Top End of Australia is a unique place, a place like no other. Please find below a list of useful publications and links to assist in understanding what to expect in living and working in Australia's top end.

Remote ready is a terrific resource to gain an understanding of life in more remote areas of Australia's North. Authored by Judith Austin.

'Australia's Northern Territory' is a wonderful website that provides comprehensive information about migrating, working, living in the Northern Territory. The site allows you to research cities and gain a comprehensive insight into all aspects of Northern Territory life.

 'A new life in Australia's Northern Territory' - Is a fantastic guide to understand all aspects of commencing your new life and career in the Northern Territory.

The following booklet assists people who may not have worked in a small or remote town before. You will find resources to help adjust and respond to challenges